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Joey & Danny

Joey and his brother, Danny, had plenty of joyous memories of their mom, Mary. Both fondly recalled visiting the Natural Science Museum and the Philadelphia Zoo with her and made this one of their requests.

In 2004, Mommy’s Light delivered a museum package that included everything needed for a day exploring dinosaurs, one of the boys’ favorite parts of the museum, and other natural wonders. The boys were also excited that their request was filmed for NBC and was aired as part of a Huggins Hero’s Award given to Mommy’s Light.


Tony and DeAnna’s mom died a few years ago from cancer. DeAnna has been raising her brother, and her own two children, since their mother’s death. Now, DeAnna is battling cervical cancer. Mommy’s Light is serving Tony and DeAnna’s children, DeAndrea and Yusef.

Tony loved when his mother took him to the Brunswick Zone, a local amusement arcade center - usually around the time of his birthday. They all bowl and play the arcades. He particularly likes the laser tag.

Jamison & Braden

Jamison and Braden’s mom loved to turn out homemade goodies in her kitchen. They have fond memories of helping her make dozens of Christmas cookies. They also recalled cutting out snowflakes and hanging them in the windows. Mommy’s Light volunteers prepared beautiful home sewn aprons and chef hats for the boys.

Mommy’s Light sent pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough, as well as 4 dozen pre-baked chocolate chip cookies to Jamison and Braden, as the boys and their dad were concerned that their cookies might not turn out as good as mom’s. Craft goods for making snowflakes rounded out the brothers' package.


Andrew and his brother, Gregory, recalled for Mommy’s Light volunteers the many times they would cook with their beloved mother and older brother, both of whom were killed in a family car accident months earlier. In particular, Andrew wanted to continue making banana chocolate chip bread, which they made frequently whenever they had some black bananas lying around.

Andrew shared that his mother would make “lots and lots” of the bread or muffins and then they would give them away to friends, teachers, and coaches. She was well known in their hometown for her special recipe and was often asked to share it. When Mommy’s Light assembled Andrew’s request we sent not only the ingredients to make the muffins, but “lots and lots” of muffins and bread already made and wrapped for sharing with their community.

Shannon & Mark

Mommy’s Light volunteers visited Jeanmarie three weeks before she died of breast cancer. She was in a hospice bed that took up most of the space in the living room. Her husband, Mark, moved her into a wheelchair for the visit and Jeanmarie locked her arms around Mark’s neck for the transfer. As soon as Jeanmarie was in her wheelchair, her children, Mark and Shannon, were by her side – Mark on her right and Shannon on her left. Mark and Shannon loved doing arts and crafts with their mom. They also loved using cookie cutters to create fun and delicious sugar cookies.

A week later, Mommy’s Light delivered paints, stencils, stamps, brushes, hand painted smocks and two flags for decorating to Mark and Shannon. Once again, Jeanmarie got out of her hospice bed and began experimenting with the paints, stencils and stamps – with Mark on her right and Shannon on her left.

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