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About Us - 10th Anniversary Sponsors
Mommy's Light 10th Anniversary Sponsors

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Thank you to our current Gold Sponsors:

· Mommy's Light's Board of Directors

· The Comcast Foundation

· The Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For the Cure

· AstraZeneca

· MC3

· The Hankin Group

· Main Line Today Magazine

· Michael and Lynn Doyle

· Fischer Cunnane & Associates Ltd

· SmartPark

· The Susan Fazio Foundation for Melanoma Research

· Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation

· Mally Beauty

· In Memory of Mary Murphy by the Munts Family

· The John F. Scarpa Foundation

· Friends of Wendy L. Ciatto

· Page Hill Foundation

         · Swain Tours

         · Riverstone Cafe and Hearts for Megan

To our current Silver Sponsors:

· Gifts of Joy Foundation

· Carol and Werner Koller

· CSRI (Computer Systems Resource Incorporated)

· Nousoma Communications, Inc.

To our current Bronze Sponsor:

· Leon and Peggy LaRosa

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